A22LS Kelpie standard Australia specification

A22LS Kelpie aircraft currently include the following:


  • 2x 57 litre wing tanks (total 112 litres usable)
  • 8.00-6 'tundra' tyres x3
  • 3x rubber mud flaps
  • LED landing light and wing tip strobes/nav lights
  • Key locking removable doors
  • Metal fuselage sides
  • Nose landing light
  • Single colour paint – yellow or white


  • 2-position adjustable seats
  • 2x external rotating air vents
  • Cabin heater
  • Metal 30 kgs max luggage with side door access
  • Panel 12v power supply


  • Centre ‘Y’ stick with trim, PTT buttons & brakes
  • Electric elevator trim
  • Mechanical flaps
  • Steerable nose wheel
  • Hydraulic brakes with parking brake


  • VHF 760 dual watch radio
  • UHF 80-ch radio thru both headsets
  • Battery cut-out switch
  • Analogue ASI (knots), Altimeter (feet/Mb), VSI (fpm)
  • Slip ball
  • Magnetic compass
  • RPM with engine running hours
  • Analogue coolant, oil temp, oil pressure
  • 2x fuel gauges
  • Avionics switch

Firewall forward

  • Rotax 912ULS 100hp engine
  • Dual electronic ignition
  • Carburettor heat box
  • Electric starter
  • Oil bypass thermostat
  • KievProp series 283 3-blade on-ground adjustable prop with metal leading edges


  • AWS 100W mustering siren
  • Anti-glare sun strip on windshield
  • Anti-scratch tape on tail plane
  • Anti-scratch tape on main gear legs
  • Tie-down kit, fuel tester cup, pitot tube cover
  • Control gust lock
  • Calibrated fuel tank dipstick
    NB - wing strut fairings are deleted to facilitate easy pre-flight inspections


  • Shipping to Australia
  • All port/customs charges & insurance
  • LAME engineer’s re-assembly & inspection
  • Test flying after re-assembly
  • LSA registration (RA-Aus or CASA VH-)
  • Certificate of Airworthiness
  • Pilot Operating Manual
  • Engine Operator's Manual
  • Maintenance Manuals & Schedules
  • Certificate of LSA Conformity
  • Weight & balance record
  • Flight test record
  • Australia Noise Exemption Certificate
  • 100 hour/1 year factory airframe warranty
  • 200 hour/18 months engine warranty


Click here to download a printable PDF of current A22LS Kelpie specifications and prices

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