A32 - Aircraft & Options Prices

Current A32 pricing

Effective 1 December 2017. All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST at 10%

Click here to download a printable PDF of current A32 specifications and prices

Aeroprakt A32

Please call!

as per A32 standard Australian specification, including all shipping and customs charges, registration with CASA or RA-Aus, including GST, ready to fly 


Options & prices

Y-stick flight controls with twin throttles (click here for photos: A32 Y-stick)
3-blade Warpdrive propeller, taper tips, nickel leading edges, on-ground adjustable
3-blade Duc propeller, on-ground adjustable  
2-blade MTV-33 hydraulic constant speed propeller  
Dynon SkyView System
  (see below for details)
Mode S transponder  
UHF/CB radio wired through headsets
   (includes separate intercom; UHF works with pilot and co-pilot; intercom 
   remains functional when UHF is in use) 
Ballistic rescue system  
EQ-Link headsets (each)  
Custom avionics installations please call 
Custom paint colours & decals please call 

Dynon SkyView System as installed in A32

SkyView SV-D1000 (10" display)  
SV-SYNVIS-280 (synthetic vision)  
SV-ADAHRS (flight instruments)
  - indicated airspeed (with green, white & yellow arcs)
  - true airspeed
  - vertical speed
  - altitude 
  - density altitude 
  - outside air temperature 
  - artificial horizon 
  - slip ball 
  - turn & bank 
  - direction gyro 
  - wind direction and speed 
  - crosswind component 
  - G-meter 
SV-EMS 220 (for 912ULS engine instruments)
  - engine RPM (with green, white & yellow arcs)
  - 3x flight & engine run timers 
  - oil temp & pressure (with green, white & yellow arcs)
  - coolant temp (with green, white & yellow arcs) 
  - EGT (with green, white & yellow arcs) 
  - fuel computer 
  - voltmeter 
  - ammeter 
SV-GPS 250 (GPS)  
SV-MAP 270 (navigation software)
  - multi-point navigation & flight planning 
  - Australia/Pacific base map 
  - Australia Pacific hi-resolution terrain database 
    NB> Customer installs at own cost preferred aviation database
SV-BAT 320 (back-up battery)  
SkyView VHF radio (price allowance will be made for deletion of standard radio)  
SkyView Intercom  

Optional extras for SkyView

SV-XPNDR 262 (Mode S transponder)
2-axis autopilot
- height hold with dial-in climb & descent 
  - hold track with dial-in turn 
  - hold heading with dial-in turn 
  - follow GPS flight plan 
  - slow and high air speed limits 

TOUCH SCREEN (option for display)


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