Aeroprakt aircraft comparison

Here is a summary of the main differences between the Aeroprakt aircraft available in Australia


Aircraft A22LS Foxbat A22LS Kelpie A32 Vixxen
Maximum gross weight 600 kgs 600 kgs 600 kgs
Fuel capacity (usable) 112 lts 112 lts 96 lts
Usable weight after full fuel        205-210 kgs 200-205 kgs 215-220 kgs
Typical cruise speed 40-95 kts 40-90 kts 40-115 kts
Stall speed with flap 28 kts 28 kts 27 kts
Primary instrumentation Analogue, digital option      Analogue Analogue, digital option     
Main wheels & tyres Condor 6.00-6 8.00x6 'tundra' Airtrac 15x6.00-6         
Nose wheel & tyre 15x6.00-6 Cheng Shin 8.00x6 'tundra' Airtrac 15x6.00-6
Wheel spats Option n/a Standard
Mud flaps Option Standard n/a
VHF radio ATR833 ATR833 ATR833
Intercom VOX in radio Separate VOX in radio
Transponder Option Option Option
Flight controls Y-stick (yokes option)        Y-stick (yokes option) Twin yokes (Y-stick option)   
Elevator trim Electric (manual) Electric (manual) Manual
Stabiliser Fixed with elevator Fixed with elevator All-flying
UHF radio thru headsets Option Standard Option
100W siren Option Standard Option
Climb propeller Option Standard n/a
Metal luggage bin - 30 kgs n/a Standard n/a
All models include: Carburettor heat box Fuel tester Key locking doors
  Oil bypass thermostat (not A32)   Tie down kit Adjustable seats
  Cabin heater 12v power socket External air vents
  Luggage container Control gust lock Manual flaps
  LED strobes/nav lights          Battery master cut-off switch    Fuel tank dipstick
  LED Landing light 12-month/100 warranty Pitot tube cover
  3-blade prop
on-ground adj with metal LEs
A$ price, fly away inc GST 105,950 111,950 121,950

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