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Posted on 17 Mar 2014
Foxbat Amphibian 24-7250 comes up for sale after over 4 years with its current owner read more »
Posted on 01 Mar 2014
A22LS Foxbat - extended or deleted inspection times for some items read more »
Posted on 23 Feb 2014
Ukraine unrest read more »


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EVQ French Island, Victoria24-7962 resplendent in orangeA22LS AmphibianA22LS panel with SkyViewA22LS Foxbat 24-8245 at Bindoon Abandoned Airfield, WAA22LS Foxbat 24-8175 on dutyA22LS on home turf7765


Welcome to Foxbat Australia

The award-winning Aeroprakt A22 Foxbat is an amazing short take-off and landing (STOL), metal airframe, Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) with a huge 2-seat cabin and a good turn of cruise speed.


For training or touring the aircraft will typically (and legally!) carry over 285 kgs, equal to two good-sized people, plus full fuel - and still have capacity for 25 kgs+ of luggage.

The Foxbat is a very easy aircraft to fly, making it ideal for flying schools and clubs. At the same time, in the hands of an experienced pilot, it will perform superbly and safely at low level - a trained pilot can easily take off and land in less than 60 metres. These qualities make it a perfect aircraft for Australian rugged outback conditions – including stock spotting, mustering and other station activities.

If water is your thing, the A22LS Foxbat Amphibian is equally happy on pond or paddock.

With a 100kts+ cruise, 30kts stall, renowned Rotax engine reliability and a 6+ hour duration, there aren’t many places a Foxbat can’t take you!

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