Letters of Approval (LOA) to modify

Under worldwide (including Australian) regulations, factory-built Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSAs) cannot be modified from their delivery specification without the approval of the manufacturer - which is given through the issue of a Letter of Approval (LOA) to modify the aircraft.

If a non-approved modification is carried out, the aircraft is automatically reclassified as an 'Experimental' (E-LSA) and cannot be used for flight training or hire. Depending on the modification, it may be difficult to return it to 'S-LSA' status.

There are several LOAs available on Aeroprakt aircraft covering such diverse items as mustering sirens and exhaust clamps. Click on the names below to download a printable PDF of the LOA you need.

If what you require is not either on the general 'Approved Equipment' list or covered by an LOA, you must contact Foxbat Australia for approval before starting work. LOAs are not automatically issued, particularly where the manufacturer believes a suitable alternative is already available.


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