A22LS Foxbat - Aircraft & Options Prices

Current A22LS Foxbat pricing

It is with great disappointment that we have been forced to increase our prices, due to a combination of a weak Australian dollar (we pay the factory in Euros) and an increase in factory prices for all aircraft to be built after 01 January 2019.

These prices are effective 01 October 2018. All prices are in Australian dollars and include GST at 10%

Please contact us for a quote to your required specification.

Aeroprakt A22LS Foxbat


as per 'standard' Australian specification, including all shipping and customs charges,
registration with CASA or RA-Aus, including GST, ready to fly 

Options & prices

'Long leg' optional panel cut-outs


AirMaster 'Whirlwind' 3-blade in-flight adjustable propeller Inc manifold pressure) 13,495
Dynon SkyView System
  (see below for details)
from 15,715

Traditional twin control yokes, 
  (with manual elevator trim, twin PTT, centre throttle & brakes)

no charge
Control system for disabled pilots
   (requires twin yokes option)
Mode S transponder 4,250
UHF/CB radio wired through headsets
   (includes separate intercom; UHF works with pilot and co-pilot; intercom
   remains functional when UHF is in use) 
Ballistic rescue system 7,015
Wheel spats (with 15x6.00-6 tyres only)  705
Mud flaps (with 15x6.00-6 tyres only)  225
Photo panel in door 665
Retrofit door with photo panel  1,650
Cabin warmth partition between seats and luggage bay call
Tost glider tow equipment 1,750
Glider tow climb prop instead of standard foc
Glider tow climb prop in addition to standard 1,795
EQ-Link headsets (each) 1,095
Hobbs airswitch meter with total flight time 765
Custom avionics installations please call
Custom paint colours & decals please call

Dynon SkyView System as installed in A22LS Foxbat

SkyView SV-D1000 (10" display) 15,715
SV-SYNVIS-280 (synthetic vision)  
SV-ADAHRS (flight instruments)
  - indicated airspeed (with green, white & yellow arcs)
  - true airspeed
  - vertical speed
  - altitude 
  - density altitude 
  - outside air temperature 
  - artificial horizon 
  - slip ball 
  - turn & bank 
  - direction gyro 
  - wind direction and speed 
  - crosswind component 
  - G-meter 
SV-EMS 220 (for 912ULS engine instruments)
  - engine RPM (with green, white & yellow arcs)
  - 3x flight & engine run timers 
  - oil temp & pressure (with green, white & yellow arcs)
  - coolant temp (with green, white & yellow arcs) 
  - EGT (with green, white & yellow arcs) 
  - fuel computer 
  - voltmeter 
  - ammeter 
SV-GPS 250 (GPS)  
SV-MAP 270 (navigation software)
  - multi-point navigation & flight planning 
  - Australia/Pacific base map 
  - Australia Pacific hi-resolution terrain database 
    NB> Customer installs at own cost preferred aviation database
SV-BAT 320 (back-up battery)  

Optional extras for SkyView

SV-XPNDR 262 (Mode S transponder) 4,250
2-axis autopilot
  - height hold with dial-in climb & descent 
  - hold track with dial-in turn 
  - hold heading with dial-in turn 
  - follow GPS flight plan 
  - slow and high air speed limits 
TOUCH SCREEN option for display 895
Fuel flow sender 480
























































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