Foxbat shop

Foxbat Australia can supply a number of accessories and parts for your Aeroprakt aircraft.

A selection of these is shown below - please call or email to confirm current prices and availability.

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Australian-made short & long, lined and unlined weather covers. Prices as follows:
- short unlined cabin cover (as in photo above) - A$330
- short lightweight lined cabin cover (similar to photo above) - A$430
- long unlined cabin and glass cover back to waist - A$450
- long lightweight lined cabin and glass cover back to waist - A$550
- long heavyweight lined cabin and glass cover back to waist - A$650

All prices include GST but exclude GST

Fuel tank anodised and calibrated dipsticks for A22 and A32

For standard or extended range tanks. Price A$90 inc GST

Fuel samplers
Simple cup - price A$9.95 inc GST

Fuel tester with double-ended screwdriver - price $15.99 inc GST

Foxbat caps

Excellent quality with adjustable headband and Foxhead logo. Price A$22.00 inc GST

Pitot tube cover for A22 and A32

Australian-made durable cover with 'Remove before flight' streamer and velcro fastening. Price A$24.95 inc GST 

Tie down kit

UK-supplied tie-down kit with 3x metal screws, 3x 3 metre 8mm marine-grade ropes plus neat carry case. Price A$99.50 inc GST

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