Maintenance & Technical information

Every new Aeroprakt aircraft is delivered with a comprehensive maintenance manual, which describes all the service requirements for the aircraft. This is supplemented by separate documentation for the Rotax engine, including a paper logbook, maintenance manuals (supplied on a CD-ROM) and propeller maintenance information.

Pre-flight inspections

Correct maintenance starts with effective pre-flight checks, backed by regular, scheduled maintenance as per the manufacturer's requirements. Every new Foxbat comes with laminated copies of a pre-flight checklist. Copies of the A22LS Foxbat checklists can be found by clicking here: A22LS Checklists

Aeroprakt aircraft are powered by a liquid cooled Rotax 912 series engine. Key checks ensure all oil and coolant hoses are secure and not leaking before you fly. Although there are stories of these engines running with no coolant and/or very little oil, don't risk it!

Post-flight inspections

After your flight, or at the end of a flying day when the engine is still hot, is a good time to see any leaks or other problems that may disappear before your next flight.

Aeroprakt recommends you take a few minutes to give your aircraft a basic post-flight inspection to ensure you pick up any abnormalities early. At the very least, a post-flight check may save you a wasted journey to the airfield the next time you want to fly.

Service/inspection intervals

With a new Aeroprakt aircraft, there is a mandatory 25 hour first service, when the aircraft must be thoroughly checked and engine oil and filter changed. This initial service is followed by further 25, 50 and 100 hourly checks and servicing, depending on the type of flying you do and the type of fuel you use. Read the manufacturer's service manuals for the aircraft and engine and become familiar with service requirements.

It is impossible to overstate the importance of good maintenance - look after your aircraft and it will look after you!

Aeroprakt spare parts

Foxbat Australia maintains an extensive stock of airframe parts. These range from usable items like tyres & tubes and brake parts, through to propellers, nose legs and other airframe items. Contact your local Accredited Sales Centre for parts, or contact Foxbat Australia directly.

Rotax Engine parts

Engine parts like oil filters, spark plugs etc are best secured from Bert Flood Imports, the exclusive Australian dealer for Rotax engines. Click here for a link to Bert Flood Imports website.

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