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Foxbat Australia Pty Ltd is the exclusive Australian distributor for Aeroprakt aircraft, parts and accessories.

At the present time there are three Aeroprakt aircraft types availbale in Australia - the well known A22LS Foxbat (currently close to 170 flying in Australia), the A22LS Kelpie and the latest addition to the range - the A32. All three aircraft types are fully ASTM/LSA compliant and can be registered either VH- with CASA or 23- with RA Australia.

Which of these is right for you will depend on what you want to do in your aircraft. There are many differences between the three models - some obvious and some not so obvious. Below is a summary guide to each one. For more detailed information, please click the appropriate 'Quick Link', above.

A22LS Foxbat

The A22LS Foxbat has a proven record as a very sturdy and rugged aircraft, with exemplary low speed flight characteristics. It's ideally suited to training, with its big wide cabin and forgiving flight envelope. It's also gained a reputation as a great 'station' plane - capable of handling rough paddocks, mustering, stock counting etc. An experienced pilot will be able to land and take off in many places where you'd think only a helicopter could do the job. The A22LS will legally carry around 200-210 kgs of people and baggage after filling full with fuel.

A22LS Kelpie

The Kelpie is basically a Foxbat which has been developed specially for the Australian market. In addition to all the usual Foxbat attributes - fantastic STOL performance, rugged build quality, spacious cabin and great load carrying capability -  the Kelpie has, as standard, fat 'tundra' tyres with rubber mudguards, a very loud 100W mustering siren and a UHF radio which operates through the headsets. Perhaps the greatest difference from the Foxbat is the Kelpie's large, metal luggage area (placarded at 30kgs) with side door access.

A32LS Vixxen

The newest member of the Aeroprakt range, the A32 is a landplane with a 600 kgs MTOW. It has been aerodynamically refined to give a higher cruise speed, coupled with low noise and high comfort levels. It comes standard with twin GA-style control yokes and faired landing gear, including wheel spats. Apart from a higher cruise speed, it also has a greater baggage capacity than the A22, so is potentially more suited to longer distance 'cruising' flights. Although its flight characteristics are similar to the A22, the more slippery A32 will likely appeal to the discerning private buyer or school looking for a capable cross country aircraft.


Both the A22LS and A32LS are available with straight or amphibious floats. They will take off and land, fully loaded, in a genuine 150 metres of water (or 125 metres of runway if amphib floats are fitted). Maximum take off weight (MTOW) is increased to 650 kgs to allow for the floats, so you can still carry a respectable 190-200 kgs of people and baggage after adding full fuel.

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