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What are Safety Bulletins?

Safety bulletins are issued from time to time when a manufacturer (or local aviation organisation) believes there is sufficient evidence to show some kind of remedial action needs be taken to correct a design or manufacturing deficiency in the aircraft or one of its components. Very often, any deficiency (if it is there at all) appears after many hours in service and the manufacturer usually requires a clear pattern of evidence before issuing a bulletin.

Aeroprakt approach to safety bulletins

Aeroprakt is particularly good at keeping on top of any potential problems and rapidly issuing a bulletin if needed - contrast this with some manufacturers who prefer not to dent sales through acknowledging a problem.

Aeroprakt always have at least two aircraft in continual use at their own Aeroprakt club airfield. Very often these aircraft have completed many more flying hours and landings, with a wide variety of different pilots, than the average owner. Any remedies required are first tested extensively on these aircraft before they are released to the broader base of owners and pilots.

When a safety bulletin is issued

After Aeroprakt issues a safety bulletin, all subsequent aircraft are manufactured incorporating the mandated (or sometimes recommended) change(s) required by the bulletin.

Bulletins are usually categorised into:

  • Mandatory, the change must be incorporated, sometimes before the next flight, or sometimes at the next scheduled service. An example of a mandatory bulletin would be one which may fundamentally affect the safety of the aircraft and its occupants;
  • Advisory, the manufacturer recommends the change but does not mandate it. An example of an advisory bulletin might be one where the basic safety is not affected but the change may help improve service life of a component, or minimize the chance of a potential future problem;
  • Optional, it is the owner's choice whether to action the safety bulletin or not. An example of this type of bulletin might be the incorporation of an oil thermostat to stabilize engine oil temperatures in certain flying conditions.

Not all bulletins apply to all aircraft. It is the owner's responsibility to check their own aircraft serial number (NB - not the registration!) to decide whether a particular change is required to their own aircraft or component.

A22L Foxbat

  • IB A-22 01: Serial numbers 05-50 - Inspection of the nose landing gear leg stem MANDATORY
  • IB A-22 02: Serial numbers 01-70 - Inspection and reinforcement of the fuselage MANDATORY
  • IB A-22 03: Serial numbers 60-103 & 106 - Inspection and reinforcement of ribs n.3 and n.4 of the wing MANDATORY
  • IB A-22 04: Serial numbers 01-130 - Inspection and reinforcement of the main landing gear beam MANDATORY
  • IB A-22 05: Serial numbers ALL - Replacement of the fuselage strut attachment fittings MANDATORY
  • IB A-22 06: Serial numbers ALL with 'scissor' spring - Replacement of the nose landing gear leg spring MANDATORY
  • IB A-22 07: Serial numbers 01-263 - Replacement of the door air scoops MANDATORY
  • IB A-22 09: Serial numbers 01-280 - Revisions in flight manual MANDATORY
  • IB A-22 10: Serial numbers 95-282 - Inspection and reinforcement of airplane stabilizer skin MANDATORY
  • IB A-22 11: Serial numbers ALL with 'scissor' spring - Revisions in the IB A-22 06 MANDATORY
  • IB A-22 12: Serial numbers ALL - Inspection and replacement of the main gear legs & mounts MANDATORY
  • IB A-22 13: Serial numbers - see bulletin - Checking the flaperon connecting cardan rings MANDATORY
  • IB A-22-14: Serial numbers 01-381 - Inspection of rear elevator pushrod MANDATORY
  • SA A-22-15: All aircraft over 5 years old or over 500 hours running time - Inspection of rudder cables MANDATORY
  • SA A22LS/L2-16: All aircraft over 5 years old or over 500 hours running time - Inspection of rudder cables MANDATORY
  • SB-A-22-17: Replacement of rudder cables and fairleads (same as for A22LS) MANDATORY

A22L2 Foxbat

  • IB A-22L2 01: Serial numbers - see bulletin - Inspection of the nose landing gear MANDATORY
  • SA A22LS/L2-16: All aircraft over 5 years old or over 500 hours running time - Inspection of rudder cables MANDATORY

A22LS Foxbat

  • IB A-22LS 01: Serial numbers 01-42 - Vibration of the main landing gear legs MANDATORY
  • IB A-22LS 02: Serial numbers 01-42 & 49 - Changing the main landing gear legs recommended
  • IB A-22LS 03: Serial numbers 01-42 - Inspection and reinforcement of the tail boom MANDATORY
  • IB A-22LS 04: Serial numbers 01-116 - Amendment to maintenance manual MANDATORY
  • IB A-22LS 05: Serial numbers 01-125 - Installation of panel between seats MANDATORY
  • IB A-22LS 06: Serial numbers 01-117 - Park brake valve recommended
  • IB-A-22LS-07: All A22LS fitted with Tost Glider Towhook - Changes to the glider towing supplement recommended
  • IB A-22LS-08: Serial numbers 01-193 - Maintenance Manual ammendments recommended
  • IB A-22LS-09: Serial numbers 01-206 - Maintenance Manual ammendments recommended
  • IB-A-22LS-10: Serial numbers 01-237 - Checking the flaperon connecting cardan rings MANDATORY
  • IB-A-22LS-11: Serial numbers, check bulletin - Maintenance Manual ammendments, propeller inspections MANDATORY
  • SB-A-22LS-12: Serial numbers, check bulletin - Pilot Handbook changes, manoeuvring speed MANDATORY
  • SA-A-22LS-13: Serial numbers from 157, aircraft with centre stick and control locking pin MANDATORY
  • SB-A-22LS-14: Serial numbers: see bulletin - inspection of elevator pushrod control MANDATORY
  • SB-A-22LS-15: Serial numbers 01-282 - removal of 50 hour airframe maintenance inspections recommended
  • SA-A-22LS-16: All aircraft over 5 years old or over 500 hours running time - Inspection of rudder cables MANDATORY
  • SB-A-22LS-17: Replacement of rudder cables and fairleads MANDATORY


  • SA-A32-01: Temporary limit on Vne MANDATORY
  • SB-A32-02: Modification of stabiliser to cancel SA A32-01 MANDATORY
  • SA-A32-03: Installation of revised door latches MANDATORY
  • SA-A32-04: Serial numbers 001-056 Reinforcement of roof panel rivets MANDATORY
  • SA-A32-05: REVISED Serial numbers 001-053 Reinforcement of bulkhead No 10 MANDATORY



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